No place like home—The Plumbing Museum is back to Watertown

No place like home—The Plumbing Museum is back to Watertown

On our last day in Wisconsin we visited the John Michael Kohler (JMK) Art Center and toured the many galleries and, yes, the washrooms! Check out some of the pictures from our visit below.


The washrooms were commissioned to resident artists working in the Arts/Industry residency program at the Kohler plant. The residency is a world-renowned program for visual artists that has been running since 1974. Accepted artists have access to industrial technologies and materials in the creation of their work.

We also walked through a number of galleries to see the featured exhibition series—“Wisconsin Wild and Tame” at the JMK Center. Some of the artists on view included Jennifer Angus Madison and Gary John Gresl posted here.

image1 (002)image2

The collection of works featured local Wisconsin artists working in a wide variety of techniques and media including print, painting, and sculpture.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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